LXLohn payroll accounting

LXLohn Video Tutorial

We start a new service.
This is a tutorial for our LXLohn wage payroll software program.
Take a look to this new service.

LXLohn Payroll and salary accounting licence

LXLohn Payroll and salary accounting licence

  • Personnel master data
  • Address management
  • Health insurance company
  • Wage constants
  • Wage kinds master data
  • Assignment steady wage types
  • Accounting
  • Summaries
  • Payments
  • Lohnsteuer via Elster
  • Sozialmeldungen via SV-NET
  • Correspondence
  • Link-up with financial accounting
  • Absolute multi-client enabled up to 9999 clients
    The number of clients that you are allowed to use is regulated by the license of the software.

  • The personnel management LXLohn relieves you of your monthly work with the payroll and salary accounting.
    This sensitive area is processed by LXLohn in reliable and comprehensible form.


    The choice of the suitable software is equally important as well as difficult for a company.
    The decision is important because you expect an optimisation of your work routines from the software.
    Modern software should be no single solution, but must allow the data exchange with other software.
    It also may not comply to any tendency in the company everyday life, but must present a stable and timeless assistance.
    Our products are easy, mature and field-tested.
    They are convincing in the company everyday life due to a high functionality and security.

    LXLohn in detail

    LXLohn in detail
  • LXLohn covers the legal, contractually, fiscal and pursuant to insurance law foundations according to the payroll and salary accounting.
  • LXLohn relieves of search work in tables and arithmetic processes.
  • Payment transfer mediums in electronic form or in paper form for net payments, taxes and insurances are created on schedule.
  • The link-up with the LXFibu financial accounting allows a perfect automatic data migration and current accounting evaluations for the complete company processes.
  • The monthly burden is eased because most wage data can already be entered during the month.
  • Other manual jobs can already be dealt with during the printout.
  • LXLohn already contains a lot of administrator's knowledge, further operational specific knowledge is entered to the program in the master data and can be used for later accountings.

  • General performances

    Number of employees: 9999
    Wage types: 9999
    Health insurance companies: 9999

    Multi-client capability

    Object-orientated application
    Field types: date, numerally, currency, generally
    Field attributes: Validate, Retain, Autofind, Autoclear
    SQL server data base
    Client - server architecture
    Concurrent field help
    Scalable screen sizes
    Individual colour management
    Picture management

    Data interchange

    SQL server
    Link-up with many data formats
    Query language
    Query lists

    Operator guidance

    Online tips
    Online manual
    Online tutor

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